Bell-Time antique clock repair and sales


Bob Frishman, Owner

53 Poor Street, Andover MA 01810



For a small fee, we are happy to quickly help identify and value your vintage timekeeper.


Take advantage of our:

-  extensive library of clock reference books, auction catalogs and original company literature;

  -  thirty-plus years of experience in repairing, restoring, buying and selling antique clocks; and  

  -  access to subscription-only website databases of clock values and recent auction sales records.

To get started, please contact us by email - - or by phone - 978-475-5001. 

At least one photograph of the entire clock is required, and additional closeup photos of the face, movement, etc.

would be helpful along with whatever written information is on or with the clock.  

Many clocks have the original paper factory labels inside or on the back of the case;

a photo or copy of this would be useful, too.

Payment, usually just $20, can be made via Paypal or mailed check.


Please keep in mind that these are informal appraisals and cannot be used for legal insurance, estate or tax purposes. 

If you need a written legal document, you should hire an accredited appraiser.


We recomend Peter Sorlien of Accredited Appraisers in Marblehead, MA. 

He can be reached at 781-631-5956 or

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