A former Congressional speechwriter, Bob Frishman offers richly- illustrated non-technical lectures, usually at no charge, for service organizations, historical societies, senior centers, museums, public library friends, and other organizations seeking an enthusiastic speaker.    Each talk is specifically tailored and updated for the host group, runs no more than one hour, and can be followed by an informal "road-show" session when attendee clocks can be identified and evaluated.  He brings hands-on displays of ticking clock movements, reference books, and auction catalogues. 
TELLING TIME - The first and still most popular lecture presents an overview of clock and watch history, styles, makers, values, collecting, repairing and cultural importance.  More than 100 projected images will illustrate familiar and unusual timekeepers from his own and museum collections and from the more than seven thousand clocks he has serviced.
TIMEKEEPING AND TIMEKEEPERS IN EARLY NEW ENGLAND - This talk originally was presented as a paper at the 2009 Dublin Seminar in Old Deerfield Village, but has since been expanded with much additional information including Henry David Thoreau's banjo clock and his thoughts on the regularly scheduled trains passing the cabin on Walden Pond.   With more than 100 digital images, the lecture offers a history of clocks and watches in New England beginning with the arrival of the Mayflower up to the adoption of standard time by the railroads in the late 19th century.
EDWARD DUFFIELD: PHILADELPHIA CLOCKMAKER, CITIZEN, GENTLEMAN, 1730-1803 -  Edward Duffield was far more than a leather-april clockmaker in 18th-century Philadlephia.  A wealthy property-owner and an active civic and Anglican Church leader, he nonetheless made, repaired, and sold elegant clocks that today are in world-class museums and private collections. He was a life-long friend of Benjamin Franklin, serving as an executor of the grant man's will.  Bob has written a 256-page Duffield biography and catalogue of 71 Duffield-signed clocks and instruments, published by the American Philosophical Society.  This presentation provides an overview of the book and an important artisan's life during crucial years in American history.  Signed copies may be purchased at the event.
THE CLOCK IN THE PAINTING - During the past several years, Bob has been collecting fine art images which have a clock somewhere in the picture.    From Van Gogh to Dali, Titian, Homer, Magritte, Hopper and Rockwell, these artworks often are familiar to art lovers but have not often been joined together in this way.  Digital images of more than one hundred paintings from more than five centuries are projected and described in an educational and entertaining combination of art and clock histories.    Additional more-focused presentations also are available, featuring "Horology in American Folk Art", "Horology in Renaissance and Baroque Art", and "Horology in Photography" (see below). 
CLOCKWORK IN THE KITCHEN - Based on 2014 presentations to the Culinary Historians of Boston and the Roger Smith Food Technology Conference in New York City, this lushly illustrated lecture tells the story of kitchen timers, clocks, and 'roasting jacks' designed to steadily turn meat grilling in open-hearth fireplaces.   For centuries, clocks in kitchens regulated meal times, timers became increasingly important as cookbook recipes designated more precise cooking times, and wind-up roasting jacks performed the hot, tiresome and dangerous work of evenly cooking meat over open flames.  This presentation appeals to everyone interested in the history of food preparation as well as in culinary timekeeping.
RUFUS PORTER: YANKEE ARTIST, INVENTOR, PUBLISHER -Rufus Porter (1792-1884) is best known for the scenic wall murals and individual watercolor portraits he produced as an itinerant New England artist.  However, he also published best-selling instructional books and was the founder in 1845 of Scientic American magazine.  He was granted more than twenty patents for innovative mechanical inventions, anticipating the future of dirigibles, revolver firearms, agricultural machinery, and more.  His only known signed clock is in Bob Frishman's collection.
HOROLOGY IN PHOTOGRAPHY:  CLOCKS AND WATCHES IN VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS - Since the earliest days of photography, clocks and watches have appeared in images for many reasons. Sometimes, as in 700 years of fine-art paintings that show clocks and watches, they are present for symbolic and metaphorical purposes — mortality, time’s passage, affluence, modernity, technological sophistication, etc. Other times they form a key element in a humorous or descriptive narrative offered in the picture, or are ‘occupational’ views of craftsmen. And from another angle, timepieces have been an important component of the photographic process, determining critical exposure and development times to ensure acceptable finished products. Using dozens of photographic images to illustrate these issues, Bob presents an in-depth program on the many links between horology — the science of timekeeping — and photography. 
HISTORY OF HOROLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION:  Prepared for the 2022 NAWCC Symposium in New York City, this presentation tells the story, with dozens of impressive images, of artistic and technical drawings of clocks, watches, movements, tools, and hand-powered machines from the 15th to 19th centuries.  Thomas Reid's 1826 clockmaking book, for example, includes engraved drawings by William Home Lizars of Edinburgh who engraved the first of Audubon's iconic American bird portraits.                
Suggestions for customized clock-related presentations will be gladly considered.
   June 13 - Keynote, NAWCC National Convention, Chattanooga
   July 30 - American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA (Edward Duffield book)
   July 31  - House of the Seven Gables, Salem MA
   September 18 - American Philosophical Society (Edward Duffield book)
   September 19 - Historic Annapolis, MD (Edward Duffield book)
   September 20 - The Philadelphia Club (Edward Duffield Book)
   September 23 - Plum Creek, Hanover PA (Edward Duffield Book)
   September 24 - Christ Church, Philadelphia (Edward Duffield Book)
   September 25 - Wyck Historic House, Philadelphia (Edward Duffield Book)
   September 28 - Historic Rock Ford, Lancaster PA. (Edward Duffield Book)
   October 22 - Banquet Speaker, NAWCC Annual Time Symposium, Old Sturbridge Village
   November 2025 - Dingwall-Beloe Lecture, British Museum, London UK
PREVIOUS LECTURES and programs have been presented to the following (and other) groups and organizations:
  Antiquarian Horological Society (UK), Midlands Section
  Hamilton (MA) Council on Aging
  Memorial Hall Library, Andover MA
  Robb Senior Center, Andover MA
  NAWCC Connecticut Chapter
  NAWCC Atlanta Chapter
  Rogers Memorial Library, Hudson, NH
  Provincetown (MA) Book Festival
  NAWCC Atlanta Chapter 24   
  NAWCC Time Symposium, Lancaster PA, James Arthur Lecture 
  Ashland (MA) Historical Society
  Massachusetts Watchmakers Association
  Washington Street Art Center (Somerville)
  Bedford (MA) Historical Society
  Salem (MA) Athenaeum
  Gordon College Museum Studies Class
  "Horology's Great Collectors" NAWCC Symposium website
  Raynam (MA) Historical Society
  New Bedford Whaling Museum Local History Guild
  Farmington (CT) Public Library
  Historic Beverly (MA)
  Nichols Village (Groveland MA)
   Horological Society of New York
   NAWCC New England Chapter 8
   Andover (MA) Elder Services
   NAWCC Chapter 141
  "Horology in Art" Exhibit Opening, Horological Society of New York
  "Horology 1776" and Preview of Edward Duffield Book, NAWCC Time Symposium, Philadelphia PA WEBSITE
   Brooksby Village Women's Forum, Peabody MA
   Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History    
   NAWCC National Convention, Hampton VA
   New Mexico Zia Sundials NAWCC Chapter #106
   Custom House Maritime Museum, Newburyport MA
   Philadelphia Club
   Daguerreian Society
   Library Company of Philadelphia
  Bowdoin College Museum of Art
   Sharon (MA) Adult Center
   NAWCC Mid-Eastern Regional, York PA
   New Bedford Whaling Museum
   U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Constitution Flotilla, Base Boston
   Fall River (MA) Second Half Lifelong Learning
   NAWCC 2019 Symposium "Time Made in Germany", Nuremberg  symposium website
   Gibson House Museum, Boston
   NAWCC Chapter 182, Canberra, Australia
   NAWCC Chapter 72, Sydney, Australia
   Raynham (MA) Historical Society
   Henry Ford Museum, NAWCC "Cars, Clocks, and Watches" Symposium
   Dartmouth (MA) Historical & Arts Society
   Chelsea Jewish Foundaton, Peabody MA
   NAWCC Madison, WI Chapter
   NAWCC New Hampshire Chapter
   NAWCC Vermont Chapter
   Dighton (MA) Historical Society
   Lynnfield Senior Center
   Society for Industrial Archeology "New England Clock and Watch Factories, Inside and Out"
   Boston Athenaeum, "Horology at the Athenaeum"
   West Dean College, West Sussex, UK  "Horology in Art"  
   Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, "Horology in Art" NAWCC Symposium
   Bamberg, Germany, annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie
   Salem State University Lifelong Learning Institute
   Rufus Porter Museum  (Bridgton, Maine)
   Braintree (MA) Department of Elder Affairs
   Mass. Watch/Clock Makers Association
   NAWCC Maine Chapter  89
   North Reading (MA) Historical Society
   Stonington (CT) Historical Society
   Queens College, Department of Anthropology
   Massachusetts College of Art and Design
   NAWCC Webinar  "Hidden History: Clock and Watch Records in the Riggs Archive at Winterthur"
   Bullard Memorial Farm (Holliston MA)
   Clinton (CT) Historical Society
   Winterthur Museum, NAWCC "Clocks at Winterthur" Symposium
   New York Horological Society (New York City)
   Leach Library (Londonderry NH)
   Old Colony History Museum (Taunton MA)
   Townsend (MA) Historical Society
   Burlington (MA) Historical Society 
   Horological Art Chapter, NAWCC National Convention, Louisville, KY
   NAWCC Old Dominion Chapter, Williamsburg, VA
   NAWCC Pacific Northwest Regional, Tacoma, WA
   NAWCC Connecticut Chapter 148
   Lawrence Heritage State Park, White Fund Lecture, Lawrence, MA
   Greater Boston Watch & Clock Collectors
   Billerica (MA) Historical Society
   NAWCC Webinar "Horology in Art"   (see link on home page)
   American Clock & Watch Museum, Bristol, CT
   North Andover Historical Society
   Retired Men's Association (Sudbury, MA)                                                                         
   Newton (Mass.) Rotary Club
   Historical Society of Cheshire County, Keene, NH
   The Roger Smith Food Tech Conference, New York City
   Medford (MA) Historical Society
   Culinary Historians of Boston, Radcliff College 
   Time For Everyone Symposium, Santa Barbara, CA
   International Society for the Study of Time, Conference in Crete, Greece
   NAWCC Maine Chapter
   Wellesley Historical Society
   North Reading Historical Society
   Victorian Society in America, New England Chapter, at Gibson House Museum, Boston
   Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA
   Collector Roundtable: Boston Book, Print & Ephemera Show
   Martha's Vineyard Museum
   Wellfleet Historical Society
   Middleton Historical Society
   Topsfield Historical Society
   Edgewood Retirement Community, North Andover    
   Annual Convention, National Assn. of Watch & Clock Collectors, Overland Park, KS
   Merrimac Valley Masonic Fellowship
   Waring School (Beverly MA) "It's About Time" special end-of year project
   Tewksbury Public Library
   Reading (MA) Antiquarian Society
   Memorial Hall Library, Andover MA
   Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, Weston MA
   Willard House & Clock Museum, Grafton MA
   Northeastern University NU@Noon Alumni Program
   Boston College Physics Department, "Vibrations and Waves" Course
   The Dublin Seminar, Boston University's Program in American & New England Studies;
   New England Chapter 8, National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors
   Rockport MA Public Library
   Massachusetts Watchmakers-Clockmakers Association
   Senior Citizens Club, Epping, NH
   Nashua NH Public Library
   Salem NH Public Library
   Flint Memorial Library, North Reading MA
   Reading MA College Club
   Boston Antiques Weekend
   Winchester MA Historical Society
   Andover Historical Society
   Whelden Memorial Library, West Barnstable MA
   Amherst, NH Town Library
   Wilmington MA Memorial Library
   Kiwanis Club, Andover MA
   Rotary Club, Andover MA
   Lions Club, Lawrence MA
   Senior Center, Methuen MA
   Senior Center, Andover MA
   Town of Andover MA Department of Community Services
   Cambridge Center for Adult Education
   Gibson House Museum, Boston

He also initiated, organized and directed the following events:
   When Old Clocks Were New, NAWCC Chapter 8 Symposium, Peabody Essex Museum, November 1999.
   Educational Symposium, NAWCC Chapter 8, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, September 2000.
   Clockmaking in Rhode Island, NAWCC Chapter 8 Symposium, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, October 2004
   The Willis Michael Clock Collection, National Heritage Museum, Lexington MA, September 2006.
   Director of Publicity, "Time For Everyone" NAWCC Symposium, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, October 2013.
   Chairman, Symposium Committee, National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors NAWCC, 2014-2022
   Organizer and Chairman,"Clocks at Winterthur" NAWCC Symposium, October 2016.
   Organizer and Chairman,"Horology in Art" Boston Museum of Fine Arts, October 2017.
   Organizer and Chairman, "Cars, Clocks, & Watches", Henry Ford Museum, September 2018. 
   Organizer and Chairman, "Horology 1776", Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, October 7-9, 2021. 
   Organizer and Chairman, "Horology's Great Collectors", New York City, October 21-22, 2022
   Co-Chair, NAWCC New England Regional Meeting, April 2024, Concord NH